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New York, NY, USA, October 10, 2019

Within the past few weeks, major financial players and many listed companies have implemented Wiztrust, the company's information certification using blockchain. The platform developed by software publisher Wiztopic has quickly become the standard for issuer certification. Wiztrust enables corporate and financial communication teams to avoid financial fake news, prevent stock market manipulation, and protect the interests of their shareholders while preserving the reputation of their executives.

"Wiztrust is a trusted brand supported by the number and quality of its users," says Jérôme Lascombe, Founder of Wiztopic and Wiztrust with Raphaël Labbé. Already nearly a third of the CAC 40 uses Wiztrust and we are feeling a real ripple effect. This rapid adoption is due to the simplicity of use and the solidity of our technology, which is attracting corporate information issuers worried about seeing fake news invade the economic sphere. Companies and the media face the same challenge: how to ensure trust in information in the face of "source hacking" (corporate identity theft), deep-fake videos, the amplifier effect of robots and the accelerated speed of information?"


"We have informed the media and investors that we certify all our information with Wiztrust and that they can verify in real time the authenticity of our press releases, annual reports, photos and computer graphics,” added Julien Landfried, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Gecina. “Wiztrust is an effective way to protect ourselves against price manipulation that would harm the interests of our shareholders."

"Klépierre is very sensitive to information security," says Julien Goubault, the group's Director of Communications. “Blockchain technology and the Wiztrust solution are a simple and innovative response to users' expectations in terms of document certification. Wiztopic is a trusted long-term partner for us and we are very satisfied to certify our information with Wiztrust."


Translated from the original French announcement by Wiztrust.

Wiztrust was created by Wiztopic, the publisher of a platform solution for communications teams of financial and publicly listed companies. With Wiztopic, companies can manage, distribute and measure the performance of their content. With Wiztrust they can now protect their content and shareholders interest. Discover Wiztrust here.