How Can an Investment Bank Communicate in an Original Way?

New York, NY, USA, March 5, 2019

Executive director of Bpifrance’s communication, Patrice Bégay, who also directs an Excellence network composed of 4000 entrepreneurs, is unveiling the recipe of a well-managed communication.

How is it possible to transmit a message without losing it among an interrupted stream of information?

Partice Bégay: Strategy is the basis of everything. A message integrates a communication strategy defined according to specific objectives and targets. What is the recipe of efficiency? Is that to have the right tools or better, the right mix of tools in order to be able to transmit a message, offer a useful and personalized content. Without forgetting to be distinguished in the tonality and the approach. Briefly, innovate the base and the shape of the message. For this reason, we always anticipate the evolutions and the trends, change the codes and reinvent. The ability to emerge the messages is conditioned by the force of the brand. A brand must be strong, should be able to develop a client’s community, collaborators and partners with whom it interacts and creates a dialogue.

How to choose a channel rather than another? How to arbitrate between Twitter and a press release (or better an influence campaign)?

Patrice Bégay: This depends on many factors: the strategy, the target, the objective, the time, the budget… We have a multi-channel mindset to optimize the possibilities of being noticed, seen and read. Social Media are the levers that facilitate the first contact, engagement, the creation of a community and the rapid distribution of information.

What are the current trends in terms of communication? What do they predict for the future?

Patrice Bégay: The relationship with brands has changed in this digital and social media era. A high profile is not synonymous of a good corporate image and it doesn’t guarantee the understanding and the appropriation of the message. Now clients are wishing for a privileged relationship, strong and exclusive bonds. They need brands that have values and that don’t betray them. I first of all believe in human contact, in proximity, in human resources and in innovation. Digital and data must help us interact with our clients by giving us the right information in the right moment, to the right person with the help of the right tools. 

This corresponds to our DNA: Bpifrance is a social network for entrepreneurs surrounded by a bank! Our role is that to galvanize and make the French economy more competitive. This has driven us to launch Tribu for example the new Social Network of Bpifrance’s entrepreneurs, events like Bpifrance Inno Generation, one of the biggest entrepreneurs gathering in Europe has 44 partnerships with sports clubs, principal boosters of economy.

We are also members and founders of La French Fab, the flag of the French industry. We will also go in the French streets in order to shine this essential sector to the economy. It is a round of growth, optimism and renewal. We will put SMEs in contact in order to talk about future industry and develop their businesses. We’ll make young people discover the jobs of the future industries. Tomorrow, I would really like people to say: if you work hard at school, you’ll be in the 0.4 industry!

Do new digital tools need more attention? 

Patrice Bégay: Social Media allow people have a certain creativity while remaining loyal to their values. But it is important to have the same attention, professionalism and the same creativity to everything we do, whatever the support is. In terms of communication? everything is a matter of consistency, proximity, emotion and creativity.

What are the recipes that you apply for Bpifrance’s communication?

Patrice Bégay: The personality and the values of Bpifrance (simplicity, proximity, optimism and will) are visible through all our communication, in the tonality used for our sites, social media, videos, tweets, advertisement campaigns, events, internal communication, etc. We are like entrepreneurs that we support during all their conquests! For example, our campaign to encourage entrepreneurs to export, makes them think “entrepreneurs, go chase yourself”. Our last Bpifrance campaign “entrepreneurs, it is time to cross the lines” appeared in daily newspaper, in the subway, on the web and social media. We continue on Instagram as well where we launch challenges through symbolic entrepreneurs with the hashtag #challengeaccepted. The main aim is to challenge an entrepreneur every week who would then challenge internet users. Guillaume Gibault, Slip’s founder has already played this game.

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