PR : The Key to Success of Your Employee Advocacy Strategy

New York, NY, USA, June 12, 2018

Every month, Wiztopic gathers its users to discuss about their business challenges. The latest session was dedicated to the use of PR as the main data source for Employee Advocacy strategies. Thanks to our dear partners LinkedIn Elevate and Schneider Electric for their interesting participations.

Employee Advocacy, recent origins (or not)?

Today, most of communicators use this expression, but the theory behind the fact that the employees are the first ambassadors of their companies wasn’t invented so lately. It first appeared in 1999 in the Cluetrain Manifesto when David Weinberger affirmed that companies should externalize their intranet because employees’ voice is much more credible than the marketing talks. Is it a way to manage a positive talk between internal and external stakeholders? Kapoor (2010) noticed that employees are the principal ambassadors of the employer brand.

Promoting what employees say about their company

For several years, communication innovation players have chosen to develop programs that would promote, through Social Media, what employees say about their company. “In 2011, We have launched a discussion with our employees on the digital common sense. Thanks to a participative platform and 500 contributions we were able to release the first user guide for Social Media. The force of this concept is based on two axes: addressing the questions that everyone asks and calling on collective intelligence. Six years later, we have noticed a massive increase of the professional use of Social Media by our employees, particularly due to the spread of LinkedIn and Twitter.” Eric le Maire, Head of communications of AXA France, during an interview for We Are Com.

“We have developed different tools internally, starting with trainings. We send a monthly newsletter to our employees which unveils them the KPIs concerning our Social Media’s presence, the best tweets and tweeters of the month, novelties, upcoming events and the best LinkedIn posts: it is a permanent communication! On Twitter we have created groups that allow us to send real time information through direct messages and be as interactive as possible". Beatrice Judel, Head of communications Pierre et Vacances for ADN online magazine

Towards “Industrialisation?”  

Today, the digital transformation has invaded the communication departments and all the employees of the companies. It is the right moment to deploy Employee Advocacy strategies and encourage employees to share their company’s topics. There are many existing platforms that amplify communication content such as:  Linkedin Elevate, Smarp, Sociabble, Amplify, and Sharee, Ambassador of Socially Map.

“Connecting Wiztopic, the platform that manages and distributes communication content, to employee advocacy tools, allows communication departments to multiply its scope and boost the visibility of their content with other employees of the company” says Raphaël labbé, CEO at Wiztopic.

Today, technology allows us to capitalize on content created by the press relations teams in order to reuse them and pay back their investments in terms of time, collective intelligence and budget.

With Wiztopic, Schneider Electric’s PR team does content curation without knowing it. I can push our content on Linkedin Elevate without doing any extra effort” Anthime Caprioli, Schneider Electric. Currently, PR teams in companies produce a big quantity of information that is particularly addressed to Media.

We have created a really simple software that makes interesting content go viral. If all the employees share the PR content of the company, the total reach of a press release is multiplied by 22” affirms Clément Boehm, Linkedin Elevate.