Personal Branding, Content Publishing and Employee Advocacy: How do Communication Directors Use LinkedIn?

New York, NY, USA, April 11, 2019

After conductiong a research on Communication Directors, Wiztopic, the platform used by communication departments to publish content, has published an exclusive study on how communication directors use LinkedIn.

With this study, Wiztopic shows LinkedIn’s uncontested leadership, being the platform that communication directors use the most to talk about themselves.

Wiztopic has analysed the LinkedIn profiles of 120 Communication Director of French SBF120 listed companies” Says Jérôme Lascombe, President of Wiztopic. “LinkedIn became an important tool for 95% of communication directors that have a profile that is more or less compete and optimized. However, some of them are still unfindable on the network. Communication directors make the best out of the personal branding functionalities that LinkedIn offer. Few of them still use the network as a publishing platform though

Personal branding experts

Almost all Communication Directors have an active LinkedIn profile with an average of 1500 followers, almost 50% more than Twitter! 80% of them use the skills system to upgrade their expertise and 91% to highlight their educational and professional background, LinkedIn positions itself as the first personal branding platform.

On the other hand, those who make use of tools that allow them to search for new talents, find service providers or even search for a job are not numerous. Only 11% have a premium account. In addition, only 18% of them use LinkedIn to share content via Pulse while on Twitter, 80% of the 62% of Communication Directors present on Twitter are active.

Communication Directors give an example in terms of Employee Advocacy.

Only 10% of communication directors associate their profile’s image to that of their company on LinkedIn by using a similar graphical chart. However, on Twitter, 60% of them showed the title of their company. That said, on LinkedIn, 67% of communication directors interact with elements posted by their company, they publish information linked to their brand and 81% of them echo subjects concerning their company via Pulse. It is also important to consider the skills recommendations done by colleagues. Half of the communication directors encourage “the colleague advocacy” in fact they are “recommended” by their colleagues.


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