Technology & Communication: 15 Questions To Ask When You're back From Summer Holidays.

New York, NY, USA, September 5, 2018

Holidays are over, and it's time to prepare your communication plan (and budget) for the coming year. Digital transformation offers interesting opportunities for communicators but on the other hand, it obliges them to face numerous challenges: fake news, social media algorithms, digital identity theft, dark social, data protection and information hacking. As a proof, a simple revengeful tweet of an American president can shift the stock price of a listed company in few moments.

This is the right moment to rethink your own communication strategy and discover the tools that can help you tackle the new digital challenges. Wiztopic meets every day numerous external & internal communication and PR professionals, particularly from listed companies of the financial sector.

Here are 15 questions we have been asked and that you’re probably asking yourself as well:

  1. What is the best way to synchronize my internal and external communication?
  2. How to adapt my reportings to the company’s KPIs
  3. Can I connect new tools to my existing ones without disrupting my working environment?
  4. Which is the best way to make my teams collaborate easily?
  5. Which is the right budget to dedicate to my team’s technological tools?
  6. How can I host and protect information content, files, data while respecting the General Data Protection Regulations?
  7. How to limit information manipulation risks?
  8. How can I internalize my contact files and how can I update them? 
  9. How can I work with my agency in a more efficient way?
  10. Are my tools compliant to the norms and standards of my sector?
  11. Can I produce and distribute multimedia and social press reports?
  12. How to optimise the natural referencing of my information?
  13. How can I increase the control of my PR team on our Newsroom and on our Twitter accounts without having to involve the marketing team?
  14. What are the tools I can use to digitalise my press releases and reporting processes?
  15. How to keep track of all the interactions between my content and my targets and know the use they make of it?

Communicators already struggle between missions that have an added value and less productive ones. In addition to that, the accelerated digitalization of their profession is obliging them to transform. What if technology instead of being a constraint puts them back in control?