The New Communication Directors: Social Media and GAFA Change Data

New York, NY, USA, January 23, 2019

Digital Transformation has completely revolutionized communication within companies creating numerous new challenges and opportunities for communication directors. Wiztopic reunited 12 communication experts in order to know their opinion, here are the highlights. 


How did Social Media and GAFA change data? 


Thanks to the engagement of employees in the new communication strategies, Internal communication becomes one of the skills of communication directors.

Today, internal communication is part of my perimeter, we don’t distinguish between internal and external communication from an organizational point of view, we talk about content management”  says Anne- Elisabeth Mourey (Slovay)

In a company like ours, internal communication is a difficult challenge because we arrived at the point where we have five different employees generations  that we have to harmonize”.  Explains Nathalie Dray (Walt Disney Company)

"When we see that our employees answer to our users on Social Media in order to defend our company, we realize that our profession has completely changed." Delphine Penalva (Solocal)


Employee Advocacy 


Social Media have offered the employees the possibility to talk about their activities and to interact with clients. This is blurring the boundaries between internal and external communication. “Today we are having less monologues. Social Media give us the possibility to get data, identify the efficient strategies and anticipate the trends and the crisis” says Olivier Dery (ArianeGroup)


Thanks to the social listening tools, companies can measure their effectiveness of their communication, identify trends and crisis. For example, Allianz gives its directors an e-reputation report. “We identify the number of mentions but also the tonality of the subjects that have been discussed and the engagement of the public” Says Nathalie Lahmi, Allianz France “We have to pay attention to Social Media, however not everything that happens is essential 

Our objective is to avoid that social media become a space for chattering. Thanks to our Employee Advocacy, we have an impressive quantity of quality content on our social media. To write a speech is not easy, but it is even more difficult to make people share it.” Adds Nathalie Dray ( Walt Disney Company)

To count on people that talk on Social Media is not sufficient. There must be content. We have quickly shifted from the period where we published a Facebook post every ten days to ten posts per day. We need specialized people for every channel and we are starting to consider Artificial Intelligence for content generation”. Anne-Elisabeth Mourey (Solvay)

In addition to digitalization, the role of Communication Directors has been revolutionized with the arrival of GAFA that have very specific means of communication.” Highlights Jerome Lascombe (Wiztopic).

For example, in the aerospace domain, Ariane group has been challenged by the arrival of Elon Lusk’s SpaceX, Fcebook’s Titan drones or Google’s Loon balloons. “The main difference is that our directors are employees while the GAFA’s directors are people that represent their companies, that have the possibility to do what they want without having too much to worry about stakeholders” Explains Olivier Dery (Arian Group).

It is true that the existence of such emblematic directors changes the entire paradigm. This creates a different company culture. 

The cultural limit of GAFA is that they cannot afford to have a crisis such as Cambridge Analytica for Facebook and GDPR for Google” adds Béatrice Madine (Orange).

If the profession of Communication Directors is experiencing these evolutions without interruption, it is also important to know how to measure their actions depending on their business sector and their corporate culture.





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