The New Communication Directors: Transversality and Strategy

New York, NY, USA, January 4, 2019

The Social Media Club together with Wiztopic organized a debate with 12 French communication experts to discuss the current and future challenges that Communication Directors are facing with digitalization. Here is the second report of the roundtable held in Paris, France. 


Raphael Labbé, Co-founder and CEO of Wiztopic

Pierre-Olivier Cazenave, General Delegate of the Social Media Club France.  

What do we learn?

The fact of having a wide range of skills strengthens the strategical and analytical role of Communication Directors.

Digitalization of companies, the influence of Social Media on the public opinion and online markets have completely transformed the communication field. Amidst all this chaos, the communication profession continues to exist and evolves without interruption.

Since 2000 Communication Directors have started to oversee responsibilities that are much more different compared to the past: the management of the company’s image, referencing, crisis communication, the advertisement campaigns, internal communication, Employee Advocacy and press relations. Communication Directors became important for all fields, they play the role of an orchestra conductor that becomes everyday more complex, scalable and diverse.

Transversality and Strategy

Sometimes we shift from communication to Marketing. When we have to analyze everything that is said on social media in order to develop a project, we drive away from pure communication. We started having an important analysis and anticipation role ” Analyses Olivier Dery (ArianeGroup)

“I think that in my company the communication and marketing sectors are much different. My job is to create an efficient image for my company, I’m responsible for the brand, I have to take care of it so that the marketing department can increase the sales ” Answers Beatrice Mandine (Orange).

Marketing and communication are two different sectors, but it is also true that they are getting closer with time and borderlines between them are almost disappearing” Explains Nathalie Lahmi (Allianz France).

This is a profession that has been enriched with many skills. We have to learn to have shareable tasks and accept that others intervene in our field and vice versa ” Marianne de Battisti (ICADE)

Even if everyone has the right to speak, everyone still asks communication directors about company’s purpose. Harmony between company’s messages would have never existed without communication directors ” Explains Marianne de Battisti (ICADE).



  1. ^ Our profession has gained much more importance, it is a profession that many people think they carry out better than us. Now a communication director has a precise idea of how things should be communicated. His profession becomes much more strategic from the moment which we are connected to the business ” Says Nathalie Dray (Walt Disney Company).


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