With Wiztopic, Schneider Electric accelerates its digital transformation process

New York, NY, USA, October 26, 2017

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation solutions has chosen Wiztopic, the software of Communications Directions, to manage, ditribute and mesure the peformance of it's communication content. 

Schneider Electric had three main goals.

  • Use a single platform to manage and distribute its communication content in order to unify the messages of the different communication teams of the company and harmonize their working methods.
  • Digitalize its daily communication tasks on an international level, especially the multichannel distribution of the group’s corporate information.
  • Demonstrate the importance of Communication and PR for the marketing strategy of the company thanks to smart data generated by the software.

Many communication teams, a single platform

Schneider Electric chose Wiztopic with the aim of settling a global platform throughout the world for all contributors of the Group’s PR services and with the ambition to ensure a real coherence of global messages and local actions. The software facilitates the teams collaboration and allows every member to submit their content, consult other members content and to check that the different actions are harmonized.

Schneider Electric has chosen Wiztopic in order to have a single platform for all it’s international communication teams and ensure a coherence of its messages on a local and global level. The software facilitates the collaboration between the different teams of the company, it allows any contributor to add his content, view the content of the other members and check if there’s harmony between the different actions.

 “For an international group as Schneider Electric, it is necessary to have a digital platform that enables the harmonization of the messages and improves the collaboration between the different teams. Wiztopic quickly became the homepage of Schenider Electric’s PR teams worldwide, that’s to its capacity to easily connect to the company’s ecosystem and to its different applications and monitoring tools. The platform has allowed the teams of the group to simplify their daily tasks and valorise their work” Declares Anthime Caprioli, Corporate Press & Public Relations Manager at Schneider Electric.

Reporting automation

Each local entity of Schenider Electric is organised in its own structure. Wiztopic enables employees present in different structures to work with the same tool. The platform adapts with all the communication processes and configurations (internal, external, agencies etc...) Wiztopic is the right answer to Schneider’s Electric need to mutualize work while respecting each job’s function.

In a context of strong budgetary constraints, Wiztopic enables its customers to prove significate productivity gains. Accessible from both tablets, smartphones and computers, the solution offers a strong mobility and makes contributors save time, reduce low value tasks and focus on more complicated ones

For example, thanks to Wiztopic, Schneieder Electric’s operational team creates its own press reviews from a single tool.

Wiztopic connects directly to its customers monitoring services, such as Kantar Media, that optimises media strategies by providing right information. Data extraction and the automation of reporting can be done in just a few seconds.

“Extracting, analyzing et restituting data took us a very long time before using Wiztopic. It enabled us to accelerate our digitalisation process. Press agents can now contact media and analyse the coverage. On one side, the head of PR can supervise operational teams and measure the real impact of each campaign. On the other side, the Communication Director can analyse the global results and ensure the harmony with the Group’s marketing strategy.” Adds Anthime Caprioli, Corporate Presse and Public Relations Manager at Schneider Electric.

“Wiztopic helps us observe, understand and take decisions regarding our PR strategy. We can actually know which information has reached our media targets, at which moment and through which channel” adds Anthime Caprioli, Corporate Press and Public Relations Manager at Schneider Electric.

A soft digital shift

« We conceived this software with the help of our own clients in order to create their new communication software. Schneider electric’s communication team is one of the most agile we ever met. Thanks to them, we have progressed a lot. Working with Schnieder Electric proved us that collaborations between start-ups and big companies can have advantages on both. Together, we are transforming the way communicators do their jobs. Comments Raphael Labbé”, Wiztopic’s CEO.