Wiztopic Sponsors Ragan Communications’ 2019 Leadership and Executive Communications Conference in D.C.

New York, NY, USA, October 15, 2019


At the end of September 2019, Wiztopic sponsored the 2019 Leadership and Executive Communications Conference in Washington D.C hosted by Brunswick. More than 130 communication professionals attended the conference.

The 2019 Leadership Conference offered presentations and panel discussions about how leaders can drive business goals and protect their reputations in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Here are our top 3 topics from the conference:

1. “Protecting your Brand, Organization, and Executives” by Raphaël Labbé, CEO at Wiztopic

Our CEO, Raphaël, spoke about the dangers of fake financial news, AI-generated articles, and misinformation that can easily trick shareholders, investors and journalists. During his presentation, Raphaël educated the audience about how hackers and activists use PR to tarnish brands, why blockchain verification technology can help brands, and how to assess the tools and software available to protect corporate reputations.

2. “Building your LinkedIn; Thought Leadership Strategy” by Devin Banerjee, Senior Editor, Financial Services at LinkedIn.

“Staying on top of industry trends and sharing best practices are what LinkedIn members find most relevant. Keeping in mind what your audience cares about most leads to a higher impact.”

Devin talked to the audience about very interesting insight on how to build the best profile and how to increase your engagement.

3. “Leading by Example: Harnessing your Executive’s Digital Presence to Engage and Inspire” by E. Blake Jackson Sr. Director Global Communications, Digital Engagement and Micah Laney Sr. Manager Global Communications, Executive Social at Walmart

“We want to make sure the CEO’s voice reflects the company’s core values: Respect for the individual, service to the customer, striving for excellence, and acting with integrity.”

Black and Micah shared with us how they manage the image of Doug Mcmillon, CEO of Walmart, and gave the audience a great lesson on how to speak with the voice of your CEO.

Register here for the Future of Communications Conference in Chicago and meet us there!

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